Member Benefits

Features, Benefits, and Value of the Ryerson Toastmasters

The main skills students develop at the Ryerson Toastmasters are communication and leadership, but there are so many more opportunities than that! The chart below highlights just a few of the many skills you can develop throughout your Toastmasters journey.

A Self-Paced Program• Flexibility
• Unlimited Personal Growth
Speech Writing and Presenting• Critical Thinking
• Effective Presentation Delivery
• Clear Communication
• Confidence
Weekly Interactive Meetings• Ongoing Experience
• Overcoming Fears
• Skill reinforcement
Table Topics• Thinking Quickly
• Self-Confidence
Evaluations• Keen Listening Skills
• Constructive Feedback
• Increased Self-Awareness
• Positive Mentoring
Taking on Meeting Roles• Ease in Front of a Group
• Improved Leadership Skills
Opportunity to Conduct Meetings• Time Management Skills
• Self-Confidence and Poise
• Effectively Lead Meetings
Small Groups• A Supportive Environment
• Relationship-Building
Opportunity to Fulfill Officer Roles• Leadership Development Opportunities
• Career Advancement
Affordable Dues• Cost Effectiveness
• Positive Return on Investment

Want an even more detailed breakdown of the skills you can learn with the club? Download the document below to see all 300+ unique competencies you can learn on your Pathways journey.