Member Benefits

Membership Features and Benefits

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There are so many benefits that you will get from joining the Ryerson Toastmasters, below are a few of the most significant.

If you want to see current members actively getting these benefits, come out to a meeting as a guest. It’s completely free and you can sign up to attend the next one here.

  • A Self-Paced Program

    Gives you flexibility and unlimited personal growth

  • Speech Writing and Presenting

    Gives you clear communication, confidence, critical thinking, and effective presentation delivery

  • Weekly Interactive Meetins

    Gives you skill reinforcement, ongoing experience, and the opportunity to overcome fears

  • Table Topics

    Gives you self-confidence and the ability to think quickly

  • Evaluations

    Gives you increased self-awareness, positive mentoring, keen listening skills, and constructive feedback

  • Take on Meeting Roles

    Gives you improved leadership skills and ease in front of a group

  • Opportunity to Conduct Meeting Roles

    Gives you time-management skills, self-confidence, poise, and ability to effectively lead meetings

  • Small Group

    Gives you a supportive environment, a positive atmosphere, and the opportunity to build relationships

  • Opportunity to Fulfil Officer Roles

    Gives you leadership development opportunities, leadership skill growth, and career advancement

  • Affordable Dues

    Gives you a positive return on investment and a cost effective experience