Welcome to the Ryerson Toastmasters 🍞

Are you terrified of presenting in front of large groups of people? You’re not alone. Numerous studies have shown people tend to fear public speaking more than death. If you would rather die than get up on stage or just want to become a more confident speaker, Ryerson Toastmasters is the club for you! An officially chartered Toastmasters International – a nonprofit organization with 364,000 members in 145 countries – club, Ryerson Toastmasters is here to help anyone from the Ryerson community improve their public speaking and leadership skills.

Zoom Toastmasters Meeting

Throughout the year, we hold weekly meetings where members give prepared and impromptu speeches and then are critiqued by fellow members in a positive and supportive manner. We also hold various events at Ryerson, including Ryerson’s Next Top Speaker: a friendly competition that crowns Ryerson’s best public speaker! If you are interested in learning more about Ryerson Toastmasters, please email our VP Membership abdulsami.ali@ryerson.ca.